If you suspect that you are infected with hepatitis B, or simply used to be attentive to their health, make sure if you have any changes in well-being, who can talk about the disease.Basically symptoms of hepatitis are due to disorders of the liver.So, check whether you have excessive weakness and fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, heaviness or discomfort in the right part of the abdomen, dark urine, jaundice (changes in skin color, language, whites of the eyes).All these features are listed in order of their appearance.In the acute form of hepatitis jaundice appears last.However, note that although jaundice and is considered a sure sign of hepatitis, i
t can cause other reasons.
Remember that in chronic hepatitis all of the symptoms may be mild or even absent for an extended period.This chronic hepatitis B is no less dangerous, but because of the mild symptoms can be detected at the time when its consequences are irreversible.Therefore, with special attention to treat even the weakest displays these symptoms, especially in prolonged weakness and fatigue, asthenic syndrome.Additionally, you may change the sleep cycle: somnolence during the day, which replaces the night insomnia.It may also be present lack of appetite, nausea, bloating.
If you find yourself listed symptoms, you should seek medical advice.He will prescribe analyzes required for an accurate diagnosis, which include a test for the antibody and genetic analysis of blood.The second method is more accurate, but also more expensive.In addition, the doctor may prescribe additional examinations and, for example, liver ultrasound or biopsy.