you need
  • - chokeberry - 5-6 kg;
  • - sugar - 3-4 cups;
Pour the berries into a bowl or pan.Pre-wash them is not necessary.In the future, all the dirt settles and is removed during filtration of the beverage.
Gently crush all berries, stretching their tolkushkoy, spoon or hands.
Add sugar.For semi-sweet wine is necessary to use about half a cup of sugar per 1 kg of berries.By reducing or increasing the amount, respectively, you can get dry or sweet wine.Note that the smaller the sugar, the more time required for fermentation of a beverage.Stir the sugar with berry weight.
Cover the bowl with a lid and put in a warm place for about 1 week.Each day, stir the mixture to avoid the appearance of mold.
When the foam is typical for fermented juice and berries float to the surface as poss
ible to wring (it's best to do it hands, as juicer quickly clogged) pulp.Put it in a separate bowl.
Strain the juice through a colander and pour into a glass container (jar).Close the lid with a small opening.Take in a dark place.
the pulp in a bowl Stir in 1 cup of sugar and pour about 1 liter of water.Thoroughly mix all and pressed pulp press.Close the bowl with a lid and leave for a week to re-fermentation.Do not forget to stir the mixture.A week later, squeeze the juice from the pulp and filter the it through a colander.
Remove the jars of wine resulting foam.Add the juice and mix the contents.Cover and store in a cool dark place.
Remove the foam from the surface of the drink every two days.To remove the residue, and every two days decant the wine, pouring it into another bank, preventing shaking.For a more thorough filtration pour wine into another vessel using a small hose.
2-3 months you can taste the wine.