If know in what proportions to dilute wine with water, you can get a tasty low-alcohol beverage.But to understand why this is done is look at the history.

pure wine to the barbarians

ancient Greeks and Romans knew why dilute the wine.In fact, they had at least two reasons.

Firstly, in that area then it was possible to produce a very thick, jelly-like wine.In the absence of a refrigerator in a hot climate such product is better kept.It is easy to imagine that the wine was very strong and cloying.

Second, civilized Romans considered bad form to revel in the intoxicating drink, like the Scythians, who were considered barbarians.And finally, with a huge shortage of fresh water played a role drink wine, w
hich was adopted to satisfy thirst.A clean water consumed only small children and the sick.

Tradition today

If the conditions of life of ancient Greece and Rome such a tradition is not to wonder why dilute the wine today?In today's world, for this is no less reason.

First of all, like thousands of years ago people wine is diluted with water to quench their thirst.The body is constantly in need of liquid and drink plain water, not all love.Sweeten it with wine, you can get a tasty and refreshing drink.It is best to drink diluted with white wine, topped up to ¾ of the vessel with water.

Also, drink watered wine is not to get drunk.Typically, those who prepare this drink at home, made up of water before eating, trying to make it less sweet and strong.

also diluted wine mulled wine in the cooking process, which is used as a remedy for colds.This is the only case where the recipe more wine than water.

in church practice red wine, in particular, Cahors, highly diluted with water for the sacrament of the Eucharist.During this ordinance believers partake of the blood of Christ, so there will be a feeling of intoxication inappropriate.

How to dilute and how to understand what natural wine

should be noted that thinned stands only quality wines.Surrogates when mixed with water may harm the body, up to poisoning.Understand that before you drink low-quality simple - pour the water into the wine glass and look at the light.If
formed at the bottom of muddy sediment, so it's surrogate.

need to know in what proportions to dilute wine with water to obtain a delicious refreshing drink.You should use only clean drinking water.You can take mineral water with gas, which will give a sparkling wine.

need to take a quarter of the wine and three-quarters water.Water poured into the wine, but not vice versa.In Europe, it accepted diluted red wine with warm water and white - cold.