What Hennessy

Hennessy is an elite French cognac, then there is a very strong alcoholic drink.It has an amber-golden color, complex fruit and spicy aroma and flavor with hints of vanilla.

By drinking Hennessy should adhere to the rules of the four "C".Indeed, very good fit together four things French names that begin with that letter: cognac (brandy), cafe (coffee), cigare (cigar, which in extreme cases can be replaced by a cigarette) and chocolat (chocolate).Of course, we are talking about the classic compatibility of cognac with coffee, cigars and chocolate, which does not argue.And that applies, for example, lemon, then noticed that Hennessy and lemon drink is not desirable, since interrupts citrus flavor of this brandy.The very tradition snack cognac lemon, and even adding a sugar, was introduced Nic
holas II.

What drink Hennessy

Some connoisseurs can enjoy a glass of cognac Hennessy ice.This is considered an acceptable combination.Drink sips brandy, slowly, so you feel every note in the bouquet.For those who prefer to drink cognac, it is recommended to do this cherry juice.Bartenders say that will be a wonderful aftertaste, and be intoxicated less.

According to Maurice Richard Hennessy, which owns the trademark Hennessy, the cognac is so self-sufficient that it can be drunk in its pure form, without drowning out the taste of no snack.However, Cognac is a strong drink, because women and young people are likely to need thinning.For this nice suit orange juice, syrup.According to the creator of the drink, brandy, in principle, can not mess up anything.

According to the rules, do not drink cognac during meals.This drink should be given enough time, otherwise it will not understand the full depth of its taste.Traditionally, "Hennessy" served after a meal, to coffee or tea, or coffee.

tradition of drinking Hennessy with coffee came to us from the West.If you file a cognac with coffee, as a snack is not forbidden to offer candy, nuts, grapes, strawberries with whipped cream.Ladies can offer ice cream or souffle.Hennessy feeding should have a temperature slightly above room temperature.To do this, after his razolyut by the glass should be slightly warm their hands.For there are special wine glasses of cognac - sniftery.