classic cocktail recipe "Grasshopper»

Through forming part of a cocktail "Grasshopper" liqueur and cream, the drink has incredibly delicate taste, delivering blissful pleasure from its use.Moreover, mint liquor contained in the cocktail allows feel freshness in the alcoholic beverage.

Serve Cocktail better after eating, because it helps digestion, special martini glass.The name "Grasshopper" has received thanks to its bright green color, which is painted in the classic drink mint liqueur.

believed that the first cocktail "Grasshopper" appeared in the US city of New Orleans, where it was served in a popular bar "Tudzheks."This institution was one of the oldest in the city and is characterized in that it had no chairs, just long and high bar.Hallmark of this bar and began to shake "Grasshopper", because in the b
eginning it was mixed only there.

Already in the middle of the last century, the cocktail was able to win great popularity among residents of the southern states, and today he is a well-known favorite of the world.

To prepare cocktail "Grasshopper", you will need:
- liqueur "Creme de Menthe" - 20 ml;
- liqueur "Creme de Cacao '- 20 ml;
- cream - 20 ml;
- ice.

In a shaker put 4 crushed ice cubes and then pour the liqueur to "creme de menthe", "Creme de Cacao" and cream.Whisk all ingredients until foaming.Cool glass and strain it through a strainer the resulting drink.
may wish to add to the cocktail 20 ml melon liqueur "Midori Melon 'will turn out very tasty.

There is another classic cocktail recipe "Grasshopper": in a martini glass, pour 20 ml coffee liqueur, then use a spoon gently pour cocktail mint liqueur, and on top - 20 ml cream.
You should have a neat mix of flat layers.

cooking recipe cocktail "Green grasshopper»

To make this drink, you will need:
- ice;
- vodka - 30 ml;
- liqueur "Creme de Menthe" - 30 ml;
- liqueur "Creme de Cacao '- 30 ml;

In a shaker put crushed ice, then pour vodka, liqueur "Creme de Menthe" and "Creme de Cacao."Now pour in pre-chilled cocktail glass.

Cocktail "Green Grasshopper" can drink in one gulp, and you can serve it with a straw.But keep in mind that the addition of a cocktail drink vodka will make quite strong.At the request can decorate the cocktail with a sprig of mint.