you need
  • - vermouth
  • - tall glasses
  • - Shaker
  • - gin
  • - orange juice
  • - orange liqueur
  • - tonic
  • - Campari
  • - lime juice
  • - cherry syrup
  • - whiskey
  • - sugar syrup
  • - peach juice
  • - ice cream
  • - boiled condensed milk
  • - grated chocolate
  • - orange peel
For the preparation of cocktails can take most any good vermouth brand fit "Martini", "Marengo", "Salvatore" or "Cinzano".
«gangster's girlfriend" fresh and tasty cocktail with a pronounced citrus flavor, it is likely to appeal to fans of hard liquor.To make it, you need to mix in a shaker vermouth 45 ml, 120 ml of grapefruit or orange juice, 25 ml of good gin 10 ml orange liqueur and then pour into a tall glass with a few ice cubes.
Cocktail "Catch Me" has an original taste and color.It is served in a tall glass with ice.To make it, y
ou need to mix in a shaker with 30 ml lime juice and Campari, cherry syrup, 40 ml, 60 ml of any tonic, 70 ml pink vermouth.
«ideal» - another refreshing cocktail that can be made from simple ingredients.It is particularly popular with women, as are low strength.Mix in a shaker vermouth 80 ml, 50 ml of any tonic, 20 ml lime juice (suit and lemon juice, limes if you are not available), 20 ml of whiskey, 5-10 ml of sugar syrup.Serve this cocktail is necessary in a tall glass with ice.
«King's Cross" - a very fragrant and unusual cocktail with a strong aroma of herbs.This potent cocktail, but its strength is well disguised.All ingredients should be thoroughly mixed in a shaker.You will need 50 ml of white vermouth and peach juice, 20 ml of whiskey and 10 ml of lemon juice.
«Condensed milk" - a cocktail based on melted ice cream that will appeal to fans of strong while sugary drinks.You will need 50 ml of white vermouth, 100 grams of good ice cream, large spoon caramelized milk and grated chocolate.Mix the wet ingredients and mix well, then sprinkle with chocolate chips.
Cocktail "Comet" - one of the easiest to prepare.It is characterized by a pronounced orange flavor and not too high fortress.To create it, you will need 4-7 pieces of orange peel, dry vermouth 80 ml, 50 ml of tonic and some ice cubes.Put the ice in a glass, then pour the vermouth, stir a little, then add tonic and put the orange peel.To decorate, you can top it with a slice of orange.Fans of lime or lemon peel can use these fruits.This cocktail looks very elegant and easy to cook.