How useful walnuts

The fruits of this plant are very much useful and beneficial for the body fats, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients.Not to mention the amazing taste, walnut providing their place in cooking in many countries and peoples.

Especially a lot of nuts in the form of vitamin C, the content of which is at the stage of green maturity can be up to 300 milligrams.The indicator on the content of ascorbic acid raises walnuts even higher currant berries and rose hips.

Other vitamins of these fruits - A, B1, B2 and B3, acid - folic and nicotine.The green shell walnuts is also large amount of tannins, with valuable antibacterial properties.The combination of all
these qualities makes walnuts especially in the green stage an excellent ingredient for making liqueurs, compotes, jams and much more.

Recipes infusions

Options cooking therapeutic and prophylactic beverages from green walnut quite a lot.The recipe for the simplest involves the use of 15-20 grams of crushed fruit, half a liter of alcohol that must be placed in a container made of dark glass and put in a warm, but obscured and ventilated area for about 2-3 weeks.In the future, heals and recommended intake of this tincture is about 25-30 milliliters a day after meals.

With "maturation" of the liquid should not be afraid of its darkening, as it is natural due to stay in a nutshell dyes.You can also replace a good vodka alcohol.

Since last preparing a slightly different technology useful drink.Flexible and not yet solid green nuts should be cut into 4 pieces, put in a darkened jar and pour vodka.This infusion is recommended to store about a month, during which it will ripen and nuts will give all their liquid nutrients.After this period the finished vodka can be drained and consume, and nuts fill again again.

another, but a very important point - do not cut the fruit walnut and leave them for a long time without any fluid, as the product very quickly oxidizes and deteriorates.Compliance with just a few rules to help you prepare delicious and flavored drink with a delicate little balsamic scent and rich beautiful color dark brown.Moreover, the storage time in the right conditions, a tincture is not limited.