margarita with cranberry juice

interesting and unusual tasty variation of an old cocktail is prepared from the following ingredients:
- 60 ml tequila;
- 30 ml of Cointreau;
- 30 ml of cranberry juice;
- 30 ml lime juice;
- 2 ice cubes;
- salt;
- a slice of lime.

Connect tequila in a shaker with ice, then pour it Cointreau, lime juice and cranberry, shake well.Moisten the edge of the glass and dip it in the salt, pour into a cocktail ready, decorate it with a slice of lime.

Bloody Mary with Olives

Known and loved by many a drink at the new sounds, if you combine his olives.So, for an updated "Bloody Mary", you will need:
- 5 green olives for a drink;
- 2 green olives for decoration;
- 40 ml of vodka;
- 2 ice cubes;
- 120 ml of tomato juice;
- a drop of fresh lemon juice;
- Worcestershire sauce to taste;
- salt to taste;
- pepper to taste.

Mash 5 olives in the bottom of the shaker, add a Worcestershire sauce and stir.Then put a piece of ice in a container, vodka, lemon juice, tomato juice, pepper and salt to taste.Whisk the cocktail shaker and filter into a tall glass, put it in ice and garnish with remaining olives.

Grapefruit screwdriver

Instead of the usual orange juice cocktail "screwdriver" can be prepared with grapefruit.Drink this gives bright saturated colors, usually very popular with women due to lower content of vodka than in the classic recipe.

to make a cocktail, take such components:
- 30 ml of vodka;
- 90 ml grapefruit juice;
- 3 ice cubes.

Put in a glass of ice, then pour vodka in it and in the last instance juice, mix the ingredients straw.Before serving, garnish with a slice need to drink grapefruit.

Strawberry mojito

refreshing Cuban cocktails turns especially beautiful and fragrant if its complement strawberries.For this option you need to drink:
- 40 ml white rum;
- 30 ml lemon juice;
- 3 mint leaf;
- 2 tspsugar;
- 3 strawberries;
- ice;
- sparkling water.

Pour into a tall glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice, add the sugar and mash.Then put in a glass with strawberries and mint remember them with a spoon.Then pour into a container rum, mix well and fill the glass with crushed ice.Pour all the ingredients of sparkling mineral water and gently stir.Decorate the finished cocktail strawberry, mint leaves and serve.