In modern society chekushku called a bottle of vodka (sometimes wine), the amount of which is equal to 0.25 ml.The word came into use, and was used in the sense of the Soviet people.Earlier, before the revolution, ΒΌ liter bottle volume called "rogue".

chekushku as a measure of volume in Russia

One version of the origin of the word "chekushku" connects this concept with a measure of volume in Russia - chetushkoy.Chetushka accommodates two cups.A couple charok couple, also called.This word became the basis for the concept of "chetushka" is deformed, forming chekushku.

In some principalities in Russia in the XIV-XV centuries chetyu considered the fourth part of the Cadi, the weight content of which was different.At the beginning of XVII century meant a quarter of four pounds of rye, and
already in the XIX century chekushku became known as the fourth part of the bucket, vesivshuyu more than two liters.

In an autobiographical sketch of the famous Soviet scientist and zoologist Zvereva MDYou can find stories about how Russian peasants in taverns bought bottles of vodka, put them in the boots and slung over his shoulder, back home.The author calls such bottles chekushku.

fishermen chekushku invented

modern word "chekushku" has foreign roots with Turkic origin.The Turkish word "c'akic" is translated as "the hammer."It has its own explanation.In Russia, to stun the freshly caught fish, use a special tool in the form of sticks or mallets.Technology use a beater resembled hammer blows.

In Russia still talking, indicating that process, "chekushit fish."Here the place to recall that initially, until the XIX century, liquor for sale vedernyh packed up in big bottles.The shape of these containers for vodka, probably reminded people a device that chekushili fish, and they began to call these bottles chekushku.But then, this tradition was replaced by the new, and began to pour vodka in bottles smaller, but the habit of calling them chekushku preserved.

chekushku in the Soviet Union

remarkable fact that the term is likely gained popularity in the Soviet Union during the period of the so-called Prohibition.It is likely that the concept of safe chekushku became the symbol of the bottle of vodka or other liquor.Because of the public mention of alcohol could face the censure of others, while the use of the term "chekushku" helped free to discuss plans for the evening.