Alcohol - a special substance in relation to calorie: it contains the calories absorbed by the body differently than other products.

Calorie alcohol

Calorie, also known as the energy value of the product is the amount of energy received by the human body from a particular food product.If this energy is not spent, it is deposited in the form of fat reserves, that is a kind of reserve which enables the calories in the future if necessary.

about so there is a process of assimilation of calories from conventional foods by the human body.However calories ingested in the form of alcohol, virtually no ability to modify a fat: they are one of the most readily available energy sources, and to perform any activity body spends them first.

This, in turn, means that in the case of consumption of spirits current energy
needs of the person fully or partially covered by the calories derived from alcohol.A calorie received from other food products is not directed to the target and deposited as fat tissue.In this case, one gram of pure alcohol contains about 7 calories, so it largely able to provide the energy needs of the body.

Calorie vodka

Calorie particular alcoholic beverage depends on the content of alcohol itself, as well as other substances such as sugar, malt and other products.The most high-calorie, that is, having the maximum energy value is the name of spirits, since the content of calories in one gram of these substances greatly exceeds many other products.Even sugar, considered as one of energy-dense foods contain only about 4 calories per 1 gram of substance.

In turn, vodka is one of the strong alcoholic beverages - 100 grams it contains about 40% alcohol, which is about 40 grams of pure alcohol.Depending on the additives which may be included in the composition of the beverage calorie vodka may be from 230 to 260 kcal per 100 grams.At the same time it is noteworthy that on the label of the calorie alcoholic drink is usually not indicated because it does not contain the nutrients - fats, carbohydrates or proteins.