you need
  • - filtered or bottled water:
  • - teapot and strainer;
  • - leaf green tea.
to brew green tea, cook filtered or bottled water.Water tap includes chloro, fluoro, and other chemical substances that influence the taste of the beverage is not improved.Heat the water to 80-83o C, if it comes to a boil, let it cool down.Green tea never brewed with boiling water, so that it acquires from the bitter taste and loses most of the beneficial properties.
Take loose tea.Packaged made from powdered leaves, which will lose flavor and freshness, in addition
, for its production, mostly use the lower leaves of the tea plant, containing much less useful substances.
for one cup of green tea (150-200 ml) need to take one teaspoon of tea leaves (5 g).If you brew tea in a kettle, put it as spoons, how many cups you are going to dispense with the first welding.Put the tea leaves in hot water and leave no more than 2.5 minutes.If you brew the tea through a strainer, remove it from the cup if pressed in a teapot, then pour all drink cups.You can brew the same tea leaves 2-3 times.Each time a drink is less caffeine.The tea brewed for a long time, not only are too bitter, he is also dangerous, because it can cause heart palpitations and stomach upset.
in green tea rarely add sugar, because in itself it has a slightly sweet flavor.If you want even sweeter - put a little honey into the drink.Also, green tea with lemon drink, brewed with mint and ginger added to tea leaves jasmine, pink buds, lemongrass, berries and more.Good expensive green tea, as a rule, does not require additional aromatics and flavorings, as he himself whole symphony of smells and flavors.
Drink green tea for an hour before or an hour after meals, especially if you have iron deficiency anemia, or your body needs calcium.The fact that certain substances in green tea inhibit the absorption of these substances.
If you take any supplements and medications prescribed by the doctor, check whether you can drink green tea, because some substances it can come in connection with the substances in medicine and Badakhshan.
Drink green tea warm.Very hot drinks at all, according to recent research, contribute to the development of various diseases of the throat and stomach, and green tea is no exception.But do not drink too cold tea, because over time it due to oxidation decreases the amount of catechins and theanine, as well as vitamins C and B.