Students see energy drinks salvation during the session, office employees use them without managing to deliver the work on time, fitness trainers use them to set new records, the drivers they help to stay awakeon my way.However, despite assurances from manufacturers that their products brings only benefits, it is not so.Many components of the power industry are prohibited in the developed world, and their excessive use may result in irrevocable consequences.
The structure of power engineering includes caffeine.Its overuse leads to extra stress on the heart, causing heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and nervousness.You should not exceed the permissible dose contained in two banks of power.
Caffeine is excreted from the body for 4-5 hours and then only partially.Therefore, in this time peri
od is not desirable to use other caffeinated drinks, such as coffee or tea, especially green.
Energy drinks do not give energy, and use the latent energy of the human body.Therefore, after receiving these beverage body needs time to rest and recuperate.
Energy should not be used after exercise or sports training.They increase blood pressure, which is necessary to normalize after exercise.
In no case can not use energy drinks to pregnant women, children, the elderly and people who suffer from cardiovascular disease, hypertension, sleep disorders, glaucoma, increased excitability, and have an increased sensitivity tocaffeine.
One of the worst mistakes in the use of energy drinks is their mixing with alcohol.It absolutely can not do.Energy pressurized and alcoholic beverages only enhance the effect.This can lead not to the bright prospects of hypertensive crisis.