first and basic method of use of liqueurs - a cough as a means.When supercooling and the manifestation of the first symptoms of influenza or SARS liquor should be added to hot tea with two teaspoons.Experts recommend that in such cases, to strengthen the immune system of honey, lemon and mint liqueurs.
For the prevention of diseases of the upper respiratory tract liquors are often used in the baths as a therapeutic agent.To ensure that the air in the steam room sated aromas of essential oils, should be poured on the hot stones of the stove one glass of liquor.To do this in any case not suitable egg, chocolate and coffee.With the help of these unpretentious inhalation saturated air can enhance the production of endorphins, so the mood will improve and people will feel a new surge of energy.
In addition, if a person, not abusing, daily takes liquor in his blood begins to decrease cholesterol, the amount of fatty plaques is also reduced, and the amount of salt deposits in the joints is reduced, which positively affects the physicalthe state of the human body.
Using liquors depend on their properties, that is determined by its principal component.Pear liqueur can promote blood formation, as it contains potassium, folic acid and ascorbic acid.
Raspberry liqueur different saturated organic and ascorbic acid, carotene and phenolic compounds.Therefore, it is desirable to add two teaspoons of such funds antipyretic teas, for example, St. John's wort and mint, thyme and yarrow.This tea can also have a good diaphoretic for colds and exposure.For example, at a stomatitis or sore throat are advised to gargle with two tablespoons of raspberry liqueur, which is dissolved in a glass of warm boiled water.
banana liqueur that is rich in iron and vitamin B6 are often used as a means of enhancing the level of hemoglobin.This liqueur can be drunk in the evening before going to bed alone or with tea, but no more than '30
Apricot liqueur rich in nutrients.They contribute to improving the performance of the cardiovascular system.This drink can be useful in the excitability of the nervous system, anemia, hypertension.Apricot liqueur helps to improve the cardiovascular system.