healing properties of cranberry juice

The juice of cranberries contains the following vitamins: K, B, PP and C. Among the organic acids: malic, tartaric, cinchona, ursolic and benzoic.Trace elements: potassium, chlorine, iodine, phosphorous, calcium, silver, and iron.Due to high content benzoic acid, cranberry juice is a natural antibiotic.Since it can not compare to other juice of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.It is recommended to use it in acute viral and chronic inflammatory processes in the body. Cranberry juice is a must for people who live in radioactive areas, as capable of rid the body of radiation and prevents the development of leukemia, malignant tumors.

Drink juice cranberry as a preventive and therapeutic agent for diseases of the bladder, kidney, ovarian, or inflammation of the appendages, nephritis and cy
stitis.Known juice from the berries of this unique and its rejuvenating effects, because it is rich in antioxidants, which are actively fighting with the radicals.

With regular use of cranberry juice, diluted with warm boiled water, improves skin, hair and nails.Juice displays the body of heavy metals and salts, cleanses the blood, so it is necessary to drink in case of poisoning by toxic substances. cranberry juice is rich in iodine, so essential for people suffering from diseases of the thyroid gland.

juice is useful in diseases associated with metabolic disorders: obesity or diabetes.Ursolic acid in cranberry, reduces blood sugar, normalizes the pancreas, regulates the water balance of the body.

Excellent juice and helps in diseases of the oral cavity.Rinse concentrated juice treat angina, periodontal disease and tooth decay, cleans the teeth from plaque.It is believed that the organic acids contained in cranberries may spoil the tooth enamel.This view is erroneous.


Note that use pure cranberry juice is not recommended because of the high concentration of acid in it.You can not drink the juice of cranberries for people suffering from gastric acidity, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.Drink cranberry juice once a day, and only in a diluted form by adding in a glass teaspoon honey.