easiest way, if the payer of alimony is employed and has a permanent place of work.In this case, the writ of execution, or notarized agreement on the payment of alimony is sent directly to the employer.Then Accounting employer makes monthly payments to the recipient of alimony from wages and other income of the maintenance payer.Payments are made within three days from the date of payment of salary or other monetary assets.No further action from the maintenance payer in
this case is not required.However, we must remember that when changing jobs or residence maintenance payer shall, within three days inform as bailiff conducting the enforcement proceedings, as well as the person receiving alimony.You must also inform about the appearance of the payer of alimony additional earnings or other income, if the child support paid by minors.
In other cases, child support is paid by taxpayers.Cash can be listed both in cash and non-cash.When transferring non-cash in the "purpose of payment" payment document it is necessary to specify which month listed alimony and surname, name of the person for which they are listed.
cash child support is paid only to the person authorized to receive them, and certainly a receipt.The receipt must specify which month the person has received alimony and surname, name of the person to whom they are intended.These receipts should draw no matter how good the relationship between the recipient and the payer of child support at the moment, because in future relationships may deteriorate, and the payer may face a real problem of proof of payment of alimony.
Alimony must be paid in strict deadlines.Otherwise, there is the debt on their payment, which is punished by sanctions.If the agreement on the payment of alimony - apply the sanctions provided for in this agreement.If the alimony were appointed by the court, then paid the penalty in the amount of 110 percent of the amount of unpaid child support for each day of delay.In addition, the recipient of alimony in the event of a debt, it is possible to go to court with a lawsuit to recover from the overdue payer all damages caused by late payment of alimony.
However, the maintenance payer has not only duties but also rights.Payer parent, proved or suspected person receiving child support, that the funds are spent on other, unrelated to the child, the target has the right to go to court.The court should be required to establish a procedure for payment of alimony, in which up to 50% of maintenance payable amount is transferred directly to the child in the bank.