Tip 1: How to write a sister

Unfortunately, in the modern world are increasingly occur very unpleasant events that make to go to extreme measures, such as an extract from a sister apartment or house.Probably, this desire has not so bright negative emotional, but nevertheless, it must be done.But is it so simple?It is worth considering.
necessary to file a claim in court.Do not forget about well-written application, because despite the fact that the application is written in a rather arbitrary manner, it must be executed in accordance with certain rules.
necessary to find the causes that are not required for submission to the court, but can greatly help you to solve the pressing problems.If a sister living in a residential area from which you want it to write, and for example, uses it for other purposes, with terrifying regularity violates the rights and legitimate interests of the residents in the vicinity of people uses this premise without proper accountability, allowing its destruction, in this case,the
landlord must notify the tenant and his family members on the need to stop the violations.
directly in court you will need to prove the existence of a relative of a dwelling in personal property (which can be confirmed by an extract from the Unified State Register).The fact that my sister has left in this room (this can be used testimony of neighbors), permanent departure sisters (that is, the fact that people not leave temporarily, here, too, may require the testimony of neighbors), failure to comply with obligation to pay for the apartment andutilities (need to submit a receipt for payment, which are furnished on behalf of the mother or other family members who live with it) can be a good help.Also important are the circumstances listed in step 2.
In addition, the court should not only think about the evidence, but its self-serve.You must behave confidently.But try to contain their emotions, to create the impression of a serious and judicious man capable of precisely and clearly express their thoughts and to present the evidence.

Tip 2: How to write a sister of his apartment

removal from the register, you can, by asking the Federal Migration Service or the passport office, and notarized by a trustee.If a citizen is registered temporarily, the basis for the completion of a registration statement by homeowners.In all other cases it requires a court order.
How to write a sister from his apartment
you need
  • - application;
  • - passport sister;
  • - your passport;
  • - notarised power of attorney;
  • - a court order.
Your sister can personally apply to the Federal Migration Service, fill out an application for withdrawal from registration, to present a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.She will be discharged on the same day, will be given a sheet of departure and put a stamp in the passport, confirming removal from the register.
If your sister for some reason can not independently seek removal from the register, you can apply to the Federal Migration Service or the passport office for the registration of the new residence.Authorized employees of these departments will make a request to the Federal Migration Service at the same address.After 1 month it will register the new address and automatically be removed from the register at the former place of residence.
Your sister can give you a notarized power of attorney on the basis of which you will be able to write her out of the apartment without personal presence.To remove from registration contact FMS, fill out an application, present your passport and notarized power of attorney.On the same day it will be removed from the register.
If a sister does not live in your home, is not involved in the payment of utility bills, but does not want to sign off on their own and does not give you a notarized power of attorney to apply to arbitration.Present evidence that it does not live for a long time and is not involved in the payment of utility bills, which are charged according to the number of registered residents, if not installed metering devices.
As evidence of use witnesses, neighbors, citizens registered in your apartment.If sister lies in prison, present a copy of the court order.On the basis of the decision of the arbitral tribunal, you can remove it from the register.To contact the FMS statement, fill out an application, present your passport and a court order.
If temporarily registered nurse, you have the right to apply to the Federal Migration Service of a statement and take it off the register, without waiting for the end of the registration deadlines specified in the implementation of the registration statement.
  • On approval of the rules of registration and removal of citizens of the Russian Federation to register at the place of stay or residence within the Russian Federation and the list of officials responsible for the registration
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