Arrange notarized donation agreement property.The notary must certify that the two sides of the parties capable, sign a contract, being a solid mind, are not subject to enforcement.He, after signing the contract giving , and reassure him.Upon receipt of the required notary documents should register the contract of donation at Companies House.You can also issue the deed of gift in writing.However, it does not have a protective force in the event of disputes.In this case, either party may withdraw from this agreement, citing a fake signatures, because they are not certified by a notary.Furthermore, in case of fire or loss of documents , can be in the notary's office to receive a dupl
icate, which also has legal force.
Specify in dedication to real estate, where the adoption of a simple written form, the actual data of the donor and bestow: the address of the place of residence and passport data.Describe the subject of the contract donation in strict accordance with the available documents on him, if it is flat, then: number of rooms, floor area, number of floors in the house, flat number, accession number, address where the apartment is located.Properties at the moment of donation must be free of claims and the rights of third parties are not her, not to be banned, not pledged, etc.When the donor of the face of the contract giving acts fiduciary, then his power of attorney to commit donation should contain clear data subject donation and bestow.Otherwise, it is considered invalid.
Prepare documents for the dedication of a notary.This will require: documents of title to the property of the donor (certificate of registration, certificate of inheritance, the sales contract, the contract lifetime support with maintenance or rental, gifts, agreement on the permanent use of land);for premises required an extract from the house (in the dispensation is issued, shall be indicated the number of people on housing prescribed);extract from the technical certificate (obtained in the BTI should be specified evaluation of the property);extract from the Unified State Register;consent of the spouse of the donor;Resolution Department custody, for stays Giving property minor child.