Inherit such amounts may be living together with the testator of his family and is not dependent on residence of his conscientious disabled dependents.The law establishes a shortened deadline for applications to join the right of inheritance specified amount - for three months from the date of opening of the inheritance.If among the heirs of the testator and no dependents living with them family members, amounts paid to the testator is not included in the estate and inherited on the general grounds.

Accrued retirement pension amount is not received in the month in which the pensioner died, are not included in the inheritance and paid live with him incapacitated members of his family, that is, those for whom he was the breadwinner.At the same time
ask for payment not received a pension should be within six months from the date of death of the pensioner.If retirement may get a few family members of the deceased, the amount of the retirement pension is divided equally between them.

for the payment of pension savings heirs should consult with the appropriate application to the territorial body of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation at the place of the testator's death within six months from the date of death.This period may be reduced by the court.If the deceased has no heirs, the pension funds transferred to the reserve of the Pension Fund.A similar procedure applies if the testator makes contributions to the pension fund.

right to compensation for harm caused to life or health of the victim, is not included in the estate, so the heirs can get these amounts only through the courts.Get a court decision can only be the amount actually charged to the victim as compensation for harm, but not paid to him during his lifetime.

This payment amounts in compensation for the harm caused to the health of the testator, the heirs are not paid.