To make inquiries and transactions probate are entitled only accredited and licensed notaries and lawyers.You can find a specialist in Internet and in the College of Notaries of the city.
First notary must make a request to the hereditary cause.In the place of residence of the deceased taken information on its current account, which shall be immediately frozen.
Notary requests will.If not, all assets, including shares, divided in equal shares.
Stock Information provided by the piece, the registrar has the right not to disclose the price of the assets.Learn it can make a formal request to the stock exchange RTS (Russian Trading
situation may arise when an odd number of shares will qualify for an even number of heirs (or vice versa).In this case, equally split securities (for example, 33 for two) fail (you need to "break" the share in half).In such a case can be transferred to a special legacy equity account, where you can sell "extra" share and share all half.
You can speed up the procedure for obtaining the shares inherited by contacting the company (joint stock company) directly.There you need to get a statement from the register of shareholders.It should be stated that the deceased had a stake in the company and to determine the size of this proportion as a percentage.You also have the right to receive a report on the financial activities of the company - it can help in calculating the monetary equivalent of the inheritance.
If you are a citizen of another country, for registration of shares by inheritance need to provide a notarized translation of your passport and a temporary residence in the territory of the Russian Federation.In some cases (for amounts of up to 2 million rubles) will be enough check-out of temporary residence.