you need
  • passport
  • registration certificate
  • Photos 3 pieces
  • statement (written in the military)
If you are a law-abiding citizen and avoid allthe hardships of military service lawfully, then you have absolutely nothing to fear, and you can safely go to the draft board.First what you can face it, it's spiteful words in your address and complete unwillingness to deal with your question.Commissariat employees feel that they have lost a lot of time trying to "recruit" your military service, and you now have to do the same.Of course, their actions are not legitimate, but the human factor and where not
to go, so please be patient.The application for the issuance of military ticket and submitted in writing, and preferably in two copies.Military office workers need to register.One copy of the signature and the date the person accepting collect himself, to make you what to refer, if the procedure is delayed.
You may have to send a statement registered letter with acknowledgment that it has been delivered to the addressee.And if the case goes to court (and this happens), you will get additional trump cards.If all your actions have not had any result of contact to the military prosecutor.
If yours has a peccadillo, the case could take a bad turn.If your draft age had expired, the army you certainly will not be taken away, but the nerves spoil.It will depend on many factors.You can get off with a fine, but it can reach up to criminal liability.Validity according offenses - 2 years.In general, the proceedings in these cases usually stretch very long and eventually prove either that it is very difficult.Typically, after a conversation with the investigator closed the case