you need
  • - passport
  • - Help with work income
  • - medical certificate of health
  • - certificate from the law-enforcement authorities of criminal record
  • - documents certifying the availability of accommodation
  • - a statement inthe guardianship
  • - documents on the child
to participate in the education of someone else's child, and bear responsibility for it, it is necessary to take custody of him or adopt him.This can be done only if it is an orphan or his parents deprived of parental rights.
become a guardian can be only until the child reaches the age of 14, and after it is necessary to arrange custody without obligation.Marking can be assigned, and on older children recognized by court as incapable.
to become guardians of the child, it is necessary to apply to
the guardianship authorities.Make it worth a month after determining the need for appointment of guardianship.Otherwise, the child's upbringing will be engaged in state institutions.
guardian may be an adult person of any gender, regardless, whether he is married or not.
for a positive decision from the bodies of trusteeship is necessary to provide information and documents proving your ability to raise the child.These include: a certificate from work income and position;Medical certificate of absence you have mental, infectious and other diseases that can be dangerous for the child;documents of a property, which can be enjoyed at the child;criminal record.You may need autobiography potential guardian.If a family has other children older than 10 years, they must be agreed to ensure that their parents become the guardian of another person's child.
After verifying the authenticity of all documents, guardianship authorities decide on the possibility of guardianship.It should be borne in mind that the child's personal information - first name, etc.remain the same, as well as the property of the child in no way can go guardian.
child maintenance is carried out not by a guardian and a ward on personal funds or the benefits provided by the government.
after it became guardian must report annually to the guardianship, iebe under constant supervision.In the event of a complaint from the child a ward is assigned to a special committee that deals with these issues and may appoint another guardian.