called xenon headlights What?

Usually distinguish two kinds of lights: xenon and halogen.In the first and second has both supporters and opponents.But the debate about the pros and cons often ended in favor of the xenon headlights.And yet, what lamp is still better?

xenon headlights Supporters often refer to the fact that their headlights illuminate the road several times better.And in fact, it is impossible not to agree, because the xenon lamp light is really better.There is only one thing, whether these lights improve visibility?

visibility expensive quality depends not only on the bulbs themselves, but also the structure of the headlamp, namely from the reflecting elements mounted inside the headlamp.And here it is necessary to note that the l
ights initially designed only for certain types of light bulbs.This means that the bulbs are selected to start, and then later adjust to them reflective elements of the lights.

That's why light xenon and halogen headlights so much different.It can be concluded that the use of xenon light bulbs in the headlights, not intended for them, will greatly degrade the performance range.

Why forbid xenon headlights?

use of improperly installed xenon bulbs leads to many problems.

Home, xenon headlights that light affects negatively on oncoming vehicles, ie blinds all around.This phenomenon occurs due to the use of a "halogen" reflectors light xenon bulbs can be directed not at the road.Wrong light bulbs can shine on the counter and the neighboring vehicles, creating an obvious discomfort to road users.

can say that the problem of other drivers.But in practice, this problem is very sensitive driver, and in which the data set of light elements.Do not forget that the driver, who dazzled by these lights - can easily lose control of his car and it can lead to death of both the driver and the culprit of this situation.

addition, is that there is an erroneous opinion that says - Xenon bulb improve the visibility of the road.People think that the more light, the better you can see the road surface and all around.

Using xenon headlights car really shines, like a Christmas tree.Light is really a great deal.That's only because of the "halogen" reflector light is scattered is not as it should.Light falls much closer than it should, that is the real illumination greatly deteriorated.