1. The employer or the employees of the need to initiate negotiations on a CD by giving written notice to the other party.The other party is obliged to begin negotiations within seven days of receipt of the notification.The labor collective at the general meeting determines their representatives who are authorized to negotiate.On the part of the employer or the employer himself acts designated by the plenipotentiary representative.Representatives of both parties agree between themselv
es the terms and place of the negotiating agenda.At the same time the parties have free choice of issues for discussion.The procedure and terms of imprisonment CD, part of the representatives, the venue of the negotiations are made by order of the company and the representatives of the workforce.
2. The content of the CD is determined by the parties themselves.The law provides for the following issues that could be included in the CD: the system and the wage system of bonuses and compensations, allowances and additional remuneration;the procedure for changing the salary, based on the inflation rate or the performance indicators defined CD;working hours, rest periods and holidays;employment and retraining staff;improved working conditions, including women and adolescents;medical and social insurance;terms of the interests of workers in the event of privatization of the enterprise and departmental property;health protection;benefits for employees who combine work and training;monitoring conditions CD, responsibility of the parties, order changes and additions.It is possible to include in the contract conditions more favorable to workers than required by law.
3. After drafting the CD, it is subject to discussion, revision and approval at a general meeting of employees.If necessary, the employee representatives request additional information from representatives of the employer, the executive authorities and local self-government, and they are required within two weeks to give an answer on the merits.
4. The validity of the CD - from one to three years, as indicated in the text of the treaty well.The Agreement shall enter into force upon signature by both parties, or other date set in the CD.If, at maturity, the parties have an agreement ilis change or conclusion of a new, it continues to operate the old CD.The agreement remains in effect, unless there have been changes in the structure, the name of the organization or leadership.If the owner is changed, the old CD is valid for 3 months.During this period, should start negotiations on maintaining, revising or concluding a new CD.
5. Amendments to the current CD is made by mutual agreement of the parties, in accordance with the terms of the CD.If these conditions are not determined, the changes are made in the same manner as his conclusion.
6. Following the signing of the employer, within seven days shall send a CD to the notification registration in the labor body based on the location of the enterprise.