you need
  • staffing, employment records, personal cards of employees.
Prepare orders a reduction.Indicate which specific positions are reduced, causes reduction, date exceptions to staffing, the officials responsible for the registration of the reduction.
Complete and approved the new staffing, select dates for action.Form staffing approved by Decree of the State Statistics Committee №1 from 05.01.2004g.(unified form of T-3).New states are put into effect by order of the head.
Form private affairs of workers covered by reduction .This is necessary for a decision on the abandonment of preferential right to work.There must be documents on education, qualifications, work experience, family status (the presence of young children at a single mother).The decision on the benefits of taking a commission, should be reflected in the minutes.
Hand notice of the impending reduction of employees not later than two months before the date of dismissal.
Suggest abbreviated employee suggestions on other work or position, such proposals met the employee against signature.This must be done three times: at the time of delivery of the notice about the reduction, within two months warning before the date of dismissal and reduction.
If an employee - member of the trade union is required to notify the primary trade two months before the reduction.A reasoned opinion to join the trade union of the personal file of the employee.
ordered the dismissal of the State to reduce , familiarize the employee.
entry was made in the work book, complete your personal card of the employee.