question of whether the employee violated labor protection requirements, the Commission decided on labor protection or authorized labor protection.
for dismissal on the above basis is necessary to prove that this was the consequences connected with the violation of employee occupational safety requirements.The consequences must be serious, such as an industrial accident, an accident, a disaster.
Make a memo of employee abuse of labor protection requirements.This document draws the person who revealed this fact, and sends it to the head of the organization.
issued an order to create a commission that would establish the existence of irregularities.In this committee must include at least 3 people.Activities of the Commission is governed by Art.218 TC RF.
Commission shall issue a report, which will include the consequences that came as a result of violations of worker labor protection requirements.In addition to the conclusion of the Commission grounds for dismissal can serve:
- prescription authorized labor protection;
- the act of an accident at work;
- Minutes of federal health and safety inspectors.
After obtaining the opinion of the Commission request an explanation from the employee.It must be done in writing.It should be noted that non-employee explanation, not an obstacle to his dismissal.
ordered the dismissal of an employee.Do not tighten with the publication of the order, as the labor legislation (art. 192 of the LC RF) set a time limit for the dismissal of an employee.
Familiarize employees with this Order and issue him a work book with a record of produced dismissal.In addition to the employment record as an employee must receive payment and other documents, the issuance of which is required for the dismissal.