According to the laws of the Russian Federation, every citizen must obtain a certificate of insurance pensions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation at the place of residence or to entrust the receipt of this certificate to your employer.
natural person (not a SP) may receive a pension certificate in the department of the RF Pension Fund of the place of registration (you will need a personal passport).Also, a person may be required to that of their employer, which is within 14 days from the date of the contractual relationship provides his personal data to the authorized body of the RF Pension Fund, the latter, in turn, after 3 weeks, starts the account of the citizen certificate and manufactures pension insurance.
individual entrepren
eur, as the insured person may receive this certificate when registering itself as a private entrepreneur as an applicant for an insurance contract.
What if the evidence has been lost, or is necessary to issue a new one?Make a new certificate of pension insurance, make a duplicate, or to exchange (for example, change of name) citizen can by writing statements to your employer or directly apply to the RF Pension Fund of the place of registration.If a person has lost a certificate of insurance, it should issue a duplicate in the department of the RF Pension Fund of the place of registration, or contact the employer.In this case, it is necessary to know the number of the lost document.If you change the identity of personal rights, specified in the questionnaire (gender, name, date, month and year of birth, etc.), the employer is obliged to prepare the necessary documents for the exchange of the insurance certificate.After making and processing the changed data to the base fund, it must issue a certificate of insurance with the same number.