you need
  • - identification document;
  • - documents proving your place of residence (if necessary);
  • - a copy of the surname, name or patronymic;
  • - documents confirming compliance with the conditions and termination of citizenship;
  • - three photos 3x4 cm;
  • - Receipt of payment of state fees.
Make for submission to the Office of Internal Affairs at the place of residence (the Russian diplomatic representation abroad) application for termination of citizenship .The application can write by hand, and printed on a computer or on a typewriter, it is made in Russian.When making the application is not allowed to use abbreviations and corrections.
Imagine authority, engaged in the affai
rs of citizenship, all the necessary documents.If you live outside of Russia, the application is submitted to the Russian Embassy or Consulate.If a document is submitted in a foreign language, make it a Russian translation.Copies of all documents, as well as the accuracy of the translation shall be certified in accordance with Russian legislation on notaries.
Wait until the proper officer will check all the documents matching your painting on the original and the copy of the application, make a note of the fact checking on the application, sign and assured her official seal.In addition, the official seal will assure your photo.Then, the conclusion will be made in the prescribed form, which will include information about you and your relatives, the availability and accuracy of documents, as well as their compliance with the grounds for termination of citizenship .
Obtain authority certificate confirming acceptance of the application for examination and payment of registration fee.Wait for a decision on your application.