Find out the basic terms that mortgage banks impose on their borrowers and their financial situation - depends on both the rate and size of the loan.Pay in the currency in which to receive a monthly income.
Ask your counselor about the requirements of the financial situation of the borrower.Most banks are willing to issue mortgage loans to the extent that the payment of which is not more than one-third (in extreme cases, half) of the monthly family income of the borrower.
Learn the requirements Bank to seniority.Raiffeisenbank is sufficient if you are including on the last job three months.The Russian mortgage Bank and Unicredit Bank
you to require confirmation of six months of continuous operation, and last at least 24 months total seniority.
Check that the way to generate income mortgage lending.The Savings Bank and VTB 24, the size of mortgage rates is not dependent on the form of income verification.Banks adhere to the rule that the monthly payments on a mortgage loan should not exceed 30-40% of the total income.
Invite your co-borrower, if the amount that is approved by the bank, not enough to buy, but cheaper option to purchase housing, you are not considered.In addition to the principal and interest to pay the bank fee for the examination of applications for loans and loan account service.This is spelled out in the mortgage agreement.
Use the mortgage calculator, you can find it on every official website of any bank.In a special box, enter the period for which you are going to issue loan, the amount of monthly income, the amount of credit.The system will provide information which will be seen for what amount you can expect when you contact the bank.In addition, the following payment schedule is attached, which is very convenient.
At the time of the loan you must be 21 years of age.Some agencies also limited to the upper age limit for a loan - for persons older than 50 years is difficult to get a loan for a period of 15 years and above.Savings promotes the benefits of obtaining a mortgage "cardholders."In Uralsibe a program for special credit conditions for young families.
Count how many years you will be able to pay contributions.Banks offer various loan programs: for example, for those who take a mortgage for 20 years, tougher conditions than for 5-year-old borrowers.Choose a mortgage program that is most beneficial.Explore the mortgage agreement.
Refer to credit brokers, they are not interested in the "imposition" of mortgage programs.Report the amount of your monthly income, how long you plan to take money from the bank.The specialist will not only save time in finding reasonable mortgage, but will assist in the refinancing of the loan.
Gather the necessary documents and take them to the bank and write an application for a mortgage loan, fill out the form.Credit rating of the borrower takes a while.From the test result will depend on the final decision on granting a loan.
Select several variants liked apartments.Ask whether there is a bank lending programs in the primary real estate market.Find real estate you should within 2-3 months from the date of approval of the loan application.
Assess housing.The procedure required by law, it is necessary to the bank, which need to ensure that the collateral has the correct value.After the evaluation and information you will be able to get the right amount of money.