you need
  • - internet;
  • - passport;
  • - a certificate of insurance;
  • - INN;
  • - 4 photos 3.5 by 4.5 in an oval;
  • - paid receipt of the state duty.
1 Go to the site and click "Register."You will be prompted to fill in the questionnaire, which you need to make passport details, insurance certificate number, taxpayer identification number (TIN).A few minutes later, this information will be verified, and you will need to come up and enter a password, and write a secret question and answer.Try to come up with a strong password consisting of letters and numbers, mixed case.
you will be offered a choice of several ways to get the activation code for a personal account.You can choose shipping by Russia - for this write your mailing address.After two or three weeks for mail wil
l receive a letter containing the code.You can also get the code in the customer service center "Rostelecom", bring your passport and a certificate of insurance.If you are a sole proprietor, you can get the code by using a special electronic signature carrier.It provides certification authority of the Tax Service of Russia.
When the code is received, visit the website and click "Login."Enter the code, username and password.Now you can begin to design passport .To do this, click on the link "Getting passport" and select "Apply".You will be prompted to fill in a questionnaire and take photos.Enter all the data very carefully pre-read advice on how to fill the questionnaire, as their marriage is often due to improper registration.We need to use the font size 14, not in italics or bold.Information about the work can be completed 12 font size.
Send your profile and photos.After a few days to your e-mail a notification that the documents are checked and sent to the processing (if all answered correctly).Go to your local bank branch and pay the state fee for registration of passport , know in advance the details of its FMS.After some time, the post office will prompt the Federal Migration Service.You need 15 days to visit the local management of the migration service, taking with him all the documents, photos, and paid receipt.
In the department of the Federal Migration Service will check your documents and give an application form for the issue of passports.After filling out the form will be assigned the time of obtaining a passport - usually within a month.