please contact your district of residence.Here you can not only apply for the program, but also to calculate an initial contribution, the amount and term of the loan, the amount of monthly payments.Write to us with a request to get social mortgage , the document must be signed by all adult family members.Make photocopies of your passport (the main and with registration), copies of birth certificates for all children.Bring a certificate of family composition, a copy or the original of the marriage certificate (or divorce), a certificate from the Chamber of Registration to all adult members of the family, which must be written, that you are not the owner of any premises (excerpt from USRRE)a certificate of insurance pension fund, an income statement for the last 12 months.Your appli
cation must be considered within 15 working days.If a positive decision will come for help with the established form.
Select an apartment you wish to buy.This can be done in the municipal building, construction of which used exclusively the budget.You can start a program to start building a private house or get the money to pay off the last of a share in the housing and savings cooperatives.According to the social norms, the area in which you can expect is 18 m2 per family member.For singles this standard is 36 m2 total area.Exceeding current standards is only possible within a 9 m2 of total living space.
obtain a certificate of the right to receive subsidies in the administration (it takes about two months), go to the bank, start to collect documents that are required to obtain a mortgage.Find out how much time is necessary to the bank to make a decision on the loan.Sometimes it takes several weeks and several banks respond within several hours.
Check whether you have enough funds to obtain a loan at the bank.To do this, bring the certificate on Form 2-PIT, if necessary call in a co-borrower.If you are a business, bring to the bank copies of constituent documents, reports, profit and loss statement for the past 12 months, statements of bank accounts, a copy of the basic treaties of the company, staffing, and other documents, balance sheets.If you are an entrepreneur without a legal entity, provide the bank a certificate of registration of IP, the documents confirming the payment of contributions to the state social extrabudgetary funds, etc.
received the approval of the bank, take the documents to the administration, to be learned experts.After receiving the money and signing a purchase and sale transaction apartments conclude an agreement for the transfer of the amount of compensation.Once the entire amount will be transferred to the seller, you will be able to enter into home ownership.