If you do not work anywhere, but decided in advance to receive a document, then you need to contact one of the bodies of the Pension Fund (for each region has his own).The relevant department of the fund you will need to show your passport and fill out a short questionnaire.Once your application is submitted, you will be given a receipt, necessary to obtain the card (which will be made no more than three weeks).On that day you will want to come back to the pension fund and get ready document.The certificate shall not be issued to third parties, must get his own citizen, your passport and that same receipt.
If a person goes to work for the first time, the design of the pension insurance certificate borne by the employer.In this case, you simply fi
ll out and sign the form in the personnel department and the company's own employees sent all the necessary documents to the Pension Fund.The employer must submit all necessary documents within two weeks after the adoption of the employee to work.After three weeks of testimony will be waiting for you in your own office.The employer is obliged to extradite him to the employee not later than a week after the receipt.Taking a certificate of insurance from the employer, the citizen must sign the appropriate statement.
If a certificate is lost, it must be restored.After the restoration of the citizen is issued a duplicate of the old document.This is done by the same scheme, only to the list of required documents is added to an application for restoration evidence .Restore the card can be yourself, and you can re-do it through an employer.Wait re-manufacturing evidence have a little longer - one month.