Currently, according to statistics from the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending, the average rate on mortgages has been a steady upward trend.Financial institutions in Russia, for fear of the crisis, gradually raise the stakes.

This is followed by two diametrically opposite conclusion.On the one hand, now is the time to take a mortgage at the percentage has not grown as soon mortgage rates will continue to rise.And with the crisis, many banks will stop issuing mortgage any or raise interest rates to 18-20.If the housing problem is very serious, do not put it off for years to come.In the future, to take the mortgage can be tricky.

Take care

If you can wait a mortgage, and confidence in the future is not better insure against force majeure and wait 2-3 years.Many experts believe that the crisis is inevitable.The only questio
n is, how much he will hit Russia.To have at least some confidence in the payment of the loan, the amount of his monthly payment should not exceed 1/3 of the family budget.It is desirable to have multiple sources of income, each of which you can make payments.In anticipation of the crisis, the mortgage must be taken only in rubles and do not invest all your savings as a down payment.Create your own emergency reserve, which means you could be paying a mortgage of at least 6 months.Acquired apartment should not require repair.

Reduce the risk

also to reduce the risk is to take a mortgage, subject to not less than 30% of its value as a down payment.During financial instability, property prices could fall, and upon the occurrence of the extreme circumstances of the sale of apartments should cover all debts owed to the bank and leave at least some amount.The maximum possible term of the loan is not worth choosing.More often than not take a mortgage for 15 years, although some banks offer and the 30-year crediting period.A careful study of the parameters of the loan is often the difference in the size of payments between 15-year and 20-year loans is negligible, and the prospect of the bank to pay the extra 5 years on this background looks unattractive.
the mortgage market leading state-owned banks: Sberbank, VTB and Gazprombank 24.Together they occupy 68% of the total volume of mortgage lending.

choosing a bank, guided not only the interest rate but also on the nuances.Find out refinancing and the terms of deferred payment in the event of a financial force majeure.Pay attention to the way of making payments for hidden commissions and other terms of the credit agreement.To learn more about insurance, about the size of the insurance payment and the possibility to conclude an insurance contract with the insurer.The Treaty itself in advance should examine yourself first, and then with an experienced attorney.As an adviser in choosing housing attract not only family and friends, but also a realtor.Select the liquid housing, which in the case of extreme circumstances, can be quickly and profitably sell.
The average price of apartments in Moscow continues to grow.For the first six months of 2014 prices rose by 16.5%.By the end of the year prices will rise by another 15-20%.

the eve of the crisis, the mortgage for the purpose of taking profitable investment is not recommended.But if the question of their own homes for a long time does not rest, very careful borrowers should think it's time to get the apartment.