you need
  • - an application for a grant;
  • - passport;
  • - marriage certificate;
  • - documents confirming the recognition of families in need of better housing conditions;
  • - proof of income;
  • - an extract from the house register;
  • - a copy of the account.
Initially, the family must assess the possibility of obtaining subsidies under the state program.In every region of the Russian Federation to present their requirements to obtain subsidies, and there is a difference in her size.For example, in Moscow relies on two 48 sq.If a family has children, then - 18 sq.m.each.
Then the family must get in line for improvement of living conditions in the region.Living area, which is home to a married couple must not be above the regional low in the subject of the Russian Federation.
The next step is to contact the district administration i
n the region of the Russian Federation with a complete list of documents.The decision to grant or refuse a family subsidy authority shall take within 10 days.
The grant can be spent on the construction of housing or the purchase of housing under construction or in the secondary market.If the money to purchase a given subsidies are not enough, perhaps arrange a mortgage in any bank that participates in the program.This subsidy can act as a down payment on the mortgage.Mortgage offers family on the following conditions - the state provides 35% of the appraised value of property, if the family has children - up to 40%.
Next, you need to apply to the selected bank to get a loan.Pre preparing proof of income, the right to a grant and a contract for the purchase of housing.The procedure for obtaining a mortgage with a government grant and assessment of solvency standard.