Drinking any alcohol in public places is considered an administrative offense.Responsibility for committing such violations are established by Article 20.20 of the Code of Administrative Offences.Sanctions for citizens established minimum, they are purely financial in nature, is to impose a fine in the range 500-1500 rubles.It should be noted that a much higher degree of responsibility established for the use of drugs in the same places as the violation is characterized by increased danger to society.

What places are considered to be public?

to prosecution for drinking alcohol in a public place it is necessary to determine the range of such places.He is described in Article 16 of the Federal Law of 22.11.1995 № 171-FZ.In particular, public places are considered stairwells, elevators, entrances, stairs, playgrounds, yards, parks an
d some other territories.At the same time called the norm specifically stipulates that the offense is not drinking alcohol on site catering, as they can be placed in public places, to carry out the sale of alcohol products, including draft.Other exceptions legislation does not, therefore, in the use of any alcohol in public places within a person risks being subjected to administrative punishment.

How to avoid prosecution?

In most cases, to avoid penalties for the consumption of alcoholic beverage in a public place can be by visiting catering organizations.For them, the law established a special exception, so the use of alcohol in their territory to hold anyone liable.For example, drinking alcohol is forbidden in cultural institutions, as it provides a direct indication of the law, these institutions are also public places.But in most theaters are functioning in terms of catering, coffee shops, which sold alcohol to the public.Use of alcoholic beverages in the territory of such coffee shops would not be considered an administrative offense.A similar rule applies in many other institutions and organizations related to public places.