Check if you are eligible to participate in the savings and mortgage system (NIS) for the military.Automatic NIS participants are persons who, since January 1, 2005, he graduated from the educational institution, and received the first military officer rank.In addition, graduates of military higher education institutions that have entered into a contract for military service before that date, may also take part in the military mortgage, but for this you need to write an application.NIS also can get the officers who called from the reserve or are enlisted on a voluntary basis from 1 January 2005;ensigns an
d warrant officers who have served under contract for at least 3 years from 01.01.05 g .;sergeants, petty officers and sailors who have concluded a second contract and wanted to get the military mortgage.
Write a report about the desire to become a member of the NIS in the name of your commander of the military unit.Your application will be registered in the register of official documents.Within 10 days from the date of registration in your name will open a nominal savings account that will fit your assigned registration number.
Read the revenue funded contributions to your individual account.Depositing is conducted annually from the federal budget, as well as on a quarterly basis by investing savings.The fee is set annually by the federal law on the budget.
Get accumulated cash after three years of participation in the NIS.They can be used only for the purchase of residential property or the repayment of existing mortgages.It is worth noting that the military may use these accumulated funds at their discretion only after 20 years of military service, and on condition that he did not enjoy subsidies for housing.
also at the expense of NIS you can get a loan.In this case, registration of home buying is conducted, as a normal mortgage, but redemption is carried out by means of the budget.If a soldier early resign before the expiration of the three years of participation in the NIS, it will be obliged to pay the government to take the sum.