When litigation may be some questions, the answers to which require professional knowledge in various fields.Without such information it is impossible to accept the law, informed judgment, the Court itself does not possess such knowledge.That is why Article 79 of the Civil Procedure Code prescribes in these cases, an expertise.Carrying out such an examination should be entrusted to a particular expert, the expert organization, a group of experts.The initiative for the appointment of such a procedure may make any party involved in the case.Also, the court can independently solve the problem of the need of it, if there is a need for the use of professional knowledge and skills.

How to arrange the appointment of expertise

If the court hearing has been set to the nomination of the exa
mination to detect certain circumstances, the court invites the parties to submit a list of questions that will be posed to the expert.The final version of said list determines the court itself, after considering the proposals of the parties, but the deviation of certain issues he has to motivate.Thus the plaintiff, the defendant can ask the court to appoint a particular expert, the expert organization have other rights set forth in paragraph 2 of Article 79 of the Civil Procedure Code.After the establishment of the range of issues, coordination of the expert determination shall be made by the court on the appointment of the examination, the content of which is regulated by Article 80 of the Civil Procedural Code of the Russian Federation.

What happens after manufacturing expert opinion

After the examination appointment party acquainted with the expert's conclusion, a copy of the document is placed in the materials of the civil case and evaluated along with other evidence.If a party does not meet the prisoners, there are additional important questions, it may request the court to re-commission, or additional due diligence.The request will be granted by the court only for good cause.Sometimes in the course of the examination requires the participation of the parties which have to submit certain documents, materials expert.When participants in the case of evasion of such assistance, the court may admit the facts, to determine who is appointed by the examination established or disproved.