electronic signature - a sequence of characters, the conversion of any information obtained through special programs.EDS is added when forwarding to the original document, and is unique.It is virtually impossible to forge, and any change makes it invalid.
secure electronic signature provided by the issuance of a special certificate of electronic signature, which is carried out in accordance with the Federal Law N 63-FZ "On electronic signature" and other regulatory acts.
Reviewed signature certificate or the suspension in the following cases: If your organization has changed the details (such as name or INN);If your organization has changed the person authorized to own electronic sig
nature;if it is broken down vehicle, which holds the key signature;if there was a compromise of your EDS key.In these cases, you must obtain a new certificate, canceling the previous one.It is not difficult, and the entire procedure takes place in the reviews during the day.
Write a typical application for a review of the certificate, fill in all the fields, sign and seal.
Scan application and send it to the email address of the regional office of your CAs.By mail you can send and paper version.But it will take more time.
Contact your manager by phone or e-mail, tell us about the problem, ask for changing the key details for payment of its re-release.
By e-mail you will receive your certificate revocation and certificate status in your organization appears "Certificate revoked."
Check certificate revocation can be in the list of revoked certificates that is periodically published on the Internet, in a certificate file on the "composition" has URL-address of the distribution of the CRL.