you need
  • - old policy;
  • - pension insurance certificate;
  • - passport;
  • - pension certificate (student, student card or certificate of employment history with the employment service, certificate of disability, birth certificate).
VHI is made voluntarily at the request of the citizens in the insurance companies on a fee basis and has extended the list of medical services that are not available on the MLA.To order any of these documents, it is necessary to perform a series of actions.
If you work, the MLA for registration Contact the responsible person at work.Present your passport, policy expired, if available.After one month, you will get a new sample document, valid throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.In accordanc
e with the law, you can be served at any of the selected out-patient department and choose the doctor of their choice.You also have the right to receive policy MHI independently in any selected region of the insurance company having the state accreditation for this activity.
If you are unemployed, retired, disabled, student, student, child, policy can get in the administration of the place of residence.Contact your local municipality, present your passport, birth certificate (children), policy expired, pension certificate (retired), employment records or a certificate from the Employment Service (the unemployed), a certificate of disability, the student or the student card.After one month you will be given policy new sample.Just as in the first case, you can directly contact the insurance company and get policy MLA.
Pupils and students can apply for policy MLA attending college, your passport, policy expired and the student or student card.
for one month, during which time the policy is issued , issued a temporary certificate of insurance.
policy of voluntary medical insurance is made optional and is not a binding document on receipt of the list of free services.Therefore, you can make it or do policy th CHI, and if necessary to pay for additional services in a disposable manner.But having policy MLA before to pay for a particular medical service, contact your insurance company and ask whether legally require money from you.