system of appeal against court decisions implies a right to every civil, arbitration process to file a complaint not only acts adopted by courts of first instance, but also appellate decision.In this case we are talking about filing the appeal, the requirements for which are set by the civil procedure, arbitration procedure legislation.In this procedure, cassation in the system of courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts system have their own features that should be considered when drafting and filing a complaint of this kind.

How to submit an appeal to the court of law?

cassation complaint as a general rule submitted to the judicial authorities of the regional level (regional, territorial and republican courts).In this appeal the decision subject to appeal within a certain period of six months from the
date of their entry into force.Legal Acts Court of Appeal shall take effect immediately, so called period can be counted directly from the date of pronouncement of the decision.Filing the appeal does not affect the execution of judicial decisions.The applicant must consider such complaints are strict requirements that apply to statutory its form, content.

How to submit an appeal to the Court of Arbitration?

certain features different procedure for filing complaints against the appellate decision in the arbitration courts.The courts of cassation in this case are the federal district courts of arbitration, is not present in every region of the Russian Federation.The very appeal is not directed to a particular district court, and the arbitral tribunal which made the original decision in the case.Experts said the court received a complaint ascribe to the generated business, then self-directed above case to the appropriate District Court for a decision on the possibility of its consideration (decision to production).Note that feed the appeal in arbitration procedural law set a relatively short period of time, which is only two months from the date of entry into force of the contested appeal decision.If this deadline is missed, it can try to recover, which is served with the complaint a petition.