Treaty recognizes the agreement of two or more persons on the establishment, modification or termination of civil rights and duties (art. 420 of the Civil Code).
In drawing up a civil contract, you need to determine what conditions are required for this type of legal relationship under the law, and what needs to be fixed in the contract due to their importance for you and your company.
For example, for the sale and purchase agreement is binding on the conditions of the product, its price, etc.The contract does not contain conditions which must be present in it according to the law, will not have legal force as not con
terms of the agreement, the parties have identified themselves as essential, even though the law does not oblige, and include them in the agreement are binding on them to implement precisely because of this agreement.
Usually, civil - legal agreements include the following sections:
- Preamble (name of the parties, date and place of detention);
- the subject of the agreement;
- Validity of the contract, the terms of fulfillment of obligations;
- responsibility of the parties;
- the procedure for resolving disputes;
- details of the parties, etc.
number of copies, as a rule, it coincides with the number of parties to the contract.
At the conclusion of civil law contracts must be remembered that to give some of them legal force sufficient clearance in writing.However, for certain types of contracts compulsory state registration in authorized bodies, without which the agreement will be deemed null and void and no legal effect (for example, a lease for a term of more than one year or by a party to which is a legal entity, subject to obligatory state registration).