you need
  • - audit;
  • - legal advice;
  • - appeal to the court;
  • - proof of guilt accountant.
for identifying negligent invite accountants audit firms which check the accounting company and make corresponding conclusions about the performance and qualifications of your accountant.If the company due to incompetence or malice accountant suffered significant damage, contact the police, prosecutor's office or the court.It is advisable to consult with these experienced lawyers.
Attracting heads of organizations and other individuals (chief accountant), responsible for the accounting, administrative and criminal liability are described in the articles of the Federal Law "On Accounting" and the Criminal Code
of the Russian Federation.
So to attract the accountant responsible, to prove that he:
- shied away from accounting;
- misrepresented financial statements;
- not complied with the terms of its submission;
- committed embezzlement.
vicarious liability (debt recovery are not obtained) imposes an accountant in detecting shortage of property companies during its bankruptcy due to the fault of its founders and the chief accountant.
direct criminal responsibility of an accountant threatened if it is proved that he hid the property or property rights and obligations, as well as information about them, transferred the property of the company to others, destroyed it or carried out his alienation, falsified accountingaccount.This is recorded in art.195 of the Criminal Code.But to attract accountants responsible need to prove all detected violations in court.
When evading tax accountant to confirm that he used illegal mechanisms to reduce taxation and acted deliberately.It was claimed solely on the tax laws as a violation of other regulatory documents (orders, instructions and regulations) criminal responsibility for a not entail.Evidence of similar violations provide investigators and prosecutors before the criminal case.