The subjects of the Russian Federation has a system of arbitration courts that settle disputes between the organizations, entrepreneurs on issues related to the implementation of commercial activities.Judicial acts of these bodies are also referred to the decisions, but the judges did not take them on government service, so the parties have the right to appeal against such decisions in the arbitration proceedings.To appeal to the interested party must prepare and submit an application containing the demand to cancel the decision of the arbitral tribunal, which shall be sent to the Court of Arbitration of the corresponding subject of the Russian Federation.The deadline for sending such statements is three months from the date of receipt of the copy of
the judicial act.

What are the requirements for application?

statement challenging the decision of the arbitral tribunal must satisfy certain requirements that apply to its form, content, documents attached.For example, the statement must contain details of the arbitration court, the contested decision, the names of the parties who participated in the meeting of the Court, the date of receipt of the judicial act, and a number of other details.In the list of attached documents should present itself the contested decision, the arbitration agreement of the parties, proof of payment of the registration fee, the rationale for the abolition of the judicial act.If submitted to an arbitral tribunal a statement is contrary to the requirements of the applications, it is left without movement, returns in accordance with the general rules of production.

On what grounds can appeal the decision of the arbitral tribunal?

In a statement on the abolition of the judicial act of the arbitral tribunal, in the accompanying documents should contain specific grounds on which the applicant requests to cancel the appropriate decision.The arbitration procedure legislation secured a clear list of specified grounds, which should focus more on the stage of the application.So, the decision may be revoked if the prisoner arbitration agreement is invalid, the interested party was not informed of the appointment of judges, the time and place of the proceedings.In addition, the grounds for declaring the decision invalid is output by the court outside the list of issues specified in the arbitration agreement.Finally, a violation of the established procedure of the proceedings and may lead to cancellation of the arbitration decision.