To this one should pay special attention.The lower the interest rate, the less you end up overpay.In principle, the annual interest rate at all banks about the same and is much higher than inflation.However, you can find a profitable option.For example, take advantage of preferential offers of the bank where you receive a salary or a contribution.
Special offers
can take advantage of special programs: for example, the "Young Family" or "young teacher".These loan programs are always cheaper, it can be a good gain.Find out which benefit programs exist in the banks, and if you qualify for them.
Additional costs
Note that at the time of processing the loan you have to pay additional fees and ex
penses.Among them: the fee for the registration of the transaction, insurance, account maintenance, work appraisers.In most cases, these costs can be minimized (with the exception, perhaps, of commissions).For example, to refuse the services of the appraiser and insure life.
Delays and refinancing
life situation can change dramatically.It is to know in advance whether the bank provides respite and under what conditions will it be possible to transfer the loan to another bank or to renew on other more profitable terms.
use matkapitala looks
An important issue of the use of the parent capital as a down payment or subsequent repayment.Some banks allow you to use the matkapital some - take great interest, some do not permit dispose matkapitalom, until the child is three years.
co-borrower and collateral
Find out how much you want to co-borrowers for a mortgage.Some allow you to bring in this not only as a husband / wife, but also parents, grandparents and other relatives.Find out what goes in as collateral and that will be a guarantee that if you can not pay the loan.