incarnation of a successful business idea requires not only starting resources in the form of capital and labor, but also the proper legal registration of the status of the initiator of this idea.One of the easiest ways to legally obtain the right to do business in our country gives the acquisition of the status of an individual entrepreneur.The procedure for its preparation and work as a PI at some point is much simpler than other legal forms of business activity.However, this simplicity has its downside.

liability of the individual entrepreneur

One of the highlights of that alarming to citizens, to reflect on the possibility of registering as an individual entrepreneur, is the amount of responsibility that a businessman carries on to its commitments.Thus, Article 24 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code of the Ru
ssian Federation, registered in the code of laws of our country at number 51-FZ of 30 November 1994, states that individual entrepreneur responsible for the liabilities taken over the entire volume of his property.Thus, if an economic calculation novice businessman was wrong, and profits, which he expected, he did not live up to his expectations, calculated, for example, with the landlord for the provision of premises for a shop he may have through the sale of personal property.

Restrictions on the imposition of penalties on the property of the individual entrepreneur

However, analyzing the possibility of using such harsh measures, the individual entrepreneur should take into account the additional provisions laid down in Article 24 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.In it, in particular, it notes that the legislation establishes a list of subjects, objects and assets belonging to the owner, which is prohibited to impose penalty.Full list of the assets listed in paragraph 1 of article 446 of the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, which has the number 138-FZ of November 14, 2002.For example, a number of such items and include only housing, personal belongings, the tools necessary to carry out professional activities and some other property.At the same time, however, luxuries such as jewelry and expensive things can not be attributed to this category, even if they are in personal use of citizens.