check whether you comply with the requirements that the store "The Messenger" imposes on borrowers.Be sure to have a valid passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, the age should be 18 years.In the region of registration should be continuous recording.You must have a permanent source of income, is regarded as part-time and retired.
Register online at e-shop "The Messenger", which is located on the link out the presentation of goods.Buy credit possible products at the price which bears the inscription "Buy credit ยป.Click on this link and fill out the form.
Enter your name on the form, name and patronymic.Mark your gender, date an
d place of birth.Specify the number of children and marital status.If you have a spouse you need to make similar data on it.Click "Next".In the next part of the questionnaire need to specify the passport data and information on any other additional documents (driver's license, insurance certificate, passport, pension certificate, etc.).
Go to the third paragraph of filling out the questionnaire.It is necessary to note the context address and telephone number, and note information about the contact person who does not live with you in one housing.The fourth point is the introduction of information about the property and real estate that are in your property.At the end of the need to specify the place of employment, salary and contact numbers of employers.Click "Submit".
Scan your passport and send it by e-mail credit ny manager of "The Messenger" familiar with your data, you will call and inform the decision.Agree with all necessary information and get loan for the purchase of goods.