MIA employees with long service and marked with marks of distinction, are veterans of state services according to Article 6 of the Federal Law "On veterans" and are entitled to lifelong maintenance and care of the state.For these people developed a whole system of benefits and pay.And quite apart from the specific tangible benefits are provided and measures to support non-material, for example: the creation of the council of veterans, propaganda through the media respect for veterans.
Social protection measures (Article 13) provide for the payment of pensions and benefits, the monthly co-payment at the time of employment af
ter retirement, providing living space and facilities for its maintenance, benefits for utilities.Item Act, comprising providing prostheses, repealed in 2008, according to a new legislative act N 122-FZ.When duplicating some kind of social security, except in special cases, the sole basis for the choice of payment is for a veteran.
MIA veterans benefits are listed in the parts of the law "On social guarantees for employees of the Interior of the Russian Federation."Pensionable made (with the city of 1.01.2012), taking into account the salary at the last position, rank, years of service (50% of the premium for the first 20 years of service and 3% for each subsequent) with application to the amount of the consolidated regional coefficient.Since 2013 recalculated (subject to an annual allowance (2%), inflation (at least 2%), the increase of money allowances (2.05%)), which amounted to 7.5% surcharge.
Retired MIA (from 1.01.2012 city) have the right to buy tickets to the departmental health institutions in 25%, and a member of his family (wife or minor child) for 50% of the total cost, andfull payment of the road (within the Russian Federation) for both (except for certain specified categories of employees: the violators of labor discipline, etc., as well as employees of MES and other departments).
pensioners with length of service more than 20 calendar years, still have the right to compensation for the property tax, but have no benefits (including 50%) when paying for utilities, phone, livingspace and land tax.
The force is entitled to an annual allowance for minor children (for pensioners).
Households receiving payment for the loss of a breadwinner who was killed in the performance, are eligible to receive benefits for a summer vacation children's health, as well as sotsgaranty as partial compensation for payments with fixed telephones, public services and housing.In dire need of non-working pensioners (as well as families who have lost a breadwinner) have the right to file a petition in the district on the accrual of additional financial assistance.
Provide a copy of the death certificate and certificate form 33 family of the victim gives the right to compensation for funeral expenses and travel to the place of burial.