Passport Office - the name is quite conditional.In fact, the so-called habit employees of management companies or housing cooperatives, which take tenants territory entrusted to them for registration at the place of residence or place of residence (registration), and the package of documents for a passport or a replacement.
No operations with your documents pasportist spending alone is not the right.Pasportist only registers received from the citizens of the documents.Its main task in the integrity and security of their transfer to the division of the migration service.
Accordingly, pasportist obeys the head of the management company, housing department, housing department - depending on the form of governance in the house.Therefore, to complain a
bout unlawful actions or misconduct should be a directory name.
All operating companies are under the supervision of the administration of districts and housing inspection.Complaining about pasportista in "zhilischku" makes no sense, the work of inspection checks on the contents of the housing stock, but the administration required to consider your appeal.However, there is a complaint submitted in the first writing, second only in the case if your message does not respond the head of the management company.
If it is a vindication of unlawful or unnecessary, in your opinion, the bureaucratic procedures that take place that you are forced to pass in the passport office, you can contact and the migration service.For example, on the "hotline".Direct leverage on the passport offices have no migration service, but pay attention to the behavior of staff at the Commission or the next meeting, when transferring documents (and this happens on a weekly basis), FMS can.Moreover, if the fact reclaim unnecessary documents confirmed pasportist be punished because his actions are a violation of administrative rules will provide.