key executive function is the management of public affairs, building on the laws.In democratic societies, the executive in fact - the administrative authority.Among its features include organizational and universal.Executive power is substantive in nature, asit relies on a specific territory and resources.Another sign of it is that it can use coercive measures.
difference of executive power of the other branches is that it has a hierarchical structure.It has a secondary character in relation to the legislature, which defines the key directions of its activity and authorities.Acts issued by the executive by-law are the character.
objectives of the executive branch is to ensure the security of society and the state, creating conditions for the full exercise by citize
ns of their rights and freedoms, the establishment of effective social and economic development.Executive power is exercised by goal-setting and determines the current policy.
Executive power in the Russian Federation the Government of the Russian Federation in the person of its chairman and vice-ministers.The Government ensures the implementation of domestic and foreign policy, regulates the social and economic sphere, ensures the unity of the executive branch, and so on. The powers of the Russian government is very broad and covers all major aspects of the state - an international, social, fiscal policy, and is responsible for public safety.It is directly involved in legislative activity, the state machine generates and manages its activities.All the functions of the government spelled out in the Constitution.
The structure of the executive include federal ministries, federal services and agencies.Ministry - is the federal executive bodies, which are responsible for public policy in a certain area.For example, in the field of economy, transport, culture, labor, and so forth.
The system of federal executive bodies also includes federal services.Their key objectives are to control and supervision in a certain area, as well as the provision of services in a particular industry.Federal services may be subordinate to the ministries, either directly controlled by the government or the president.Among them, the Federal Tax Service (tax), FSSP (bailiffs), FMS (migration), the Federal Customs Service (Customs) and so forth.
Federal agencies carried out in the established area of ​​responsibility for the provision of public services, as well as runState Property.Among them Rosturizm, Rosnedra, Federal Air Transport Agency, Federal Property Management Agency, Roscosmos and others.