The first thing to understand what a loan and what its types exist.The most popular target loans today are the consumers (to buy goods low cost), car (for the purchase of the vehicle), mortgage (for purchase of real estate).There are other varieties: credit cards, leasing, loans, education loans, holidays and so on.If you do not want to report the purpose for which you need the borrowed funds, then the loan will therefore improper and, in most cases on less favorable terms.

terms and methods of repayme

Types of loans largely determine their value.At maturity they are short-term (one year), medium term (3 years) and long term (3 years).According to the method of payment, they are divided into two main types: the annuity and differentiated.
Annuity assumes payment equal monthly mortgage payments with the already accrued interest.Differentiated payment
divides debt into equal shares, and the interest accrued on the balance, so with each passing month and year of the debt on the loan is reduced.Such payment banks offer less.

requirements of banks and the process of obtaining a loan
Carefully read the entire contract, and do not forget to pay special attention to footnotes, small print.Ask questions of your bank manager and do not hesitate to find out the nuances of your loan - because you pay your money.
process of obtaining a loan from a bank looks about the same.Before turning to the bank, you should decide what kind of loan you need, and check the offers of different banks.By selecting some of the best, in your opinion, choices, go to the managers of banks.They will advise you in detail and make concrete proposals.Choosing the most appropriate, collect all the documents.

consideration of the application deals with the authorization department of the bank.After processing the request, it provides an answer: "Failure", "OK" or "refusal to alternatives."Last imply endorsement of the loan, but with special conditions.
reasons for refusal are generally associated with low income of the applicant, a bad credit history, lack of guarantors or collateral.

How to get a bank loan

To qualify, you must:
- Collect all the necessary bank documents (minimum set includes a passport, an additional identity document, a copy of the employment record and income statement).
- have official salary (sometimes optional for certain types of loans).
- Show a positive credit history.
for further large loans needed:
- Find surety
- Having secured
auto loans and mortgages also require mandatory car insurance, real estate and life of the borrower.However, life insurance is to get a conventional loan is not necessary, you have the right to refuse it.
small loans banks are willing to give and with a minimum set of documents, without reference to income and guarantors, however, and the interest rates on these programs will be higher.

What is credit history

In considering an application for a loan, banks are paying particular attention to the applicant's credit history - it determines your loyalty.Accordingly, to learn the story bad or good you can make a request to the BCI (Bureau of Credit Histories).This, among other things, greatly save your time, reducing the list of banks in which you can apply for a loan.

Once a year in CHB can get your credit history one way:
- personally go to the CRA with a passport or send a notarized request by mail.
- Make a request to the bank (if it provides this service).
- Online CRAs in the section "for borrowers."There you can see a complete list of possible ways to get your credit history.
get a loan with bad credit history possible.In addition, credit history can be a "mistake" bad - this sometimes happens when delays in money transfer services.If the story is really bad, it is necessary to consider that all banks in different ways to this concern, and the probability of obtaining the loan remains, but possibly in other conditions.
Always remember that a loan - it is the money that must be repaid, so do not threaten to attractive sums which you kindly offered Bank.If you need 20 thousand rubles, do not take 50 - because you still have to pay, only in this case is for a large sum.

Be careful and always read the terms of the contract as a whole.Choose reliable banks and credit organizations audited, bypassing the small microfinance offices that offer incredibly favorable conditions.Thoughtless risk can lead to trouble, and informed decision, based on a detailed study of the issue, it will help you to quickly deal with the current problems, and finally buy something that has long dreamed of you and your family.