Refuse free drugs, usually for several reasons.If your illness does not need medication or need a rare drug that is not included in the list of free drugs, it is a reason for refusal of registration.In addition, it often happens that the free medicines in pharmacies is not as well paid, but the same is.And benefit recipients will still have to buy essential drugs himself.To avoid all this, write denial and get real money instead of phantom promises.
To cancel all or part of the social package come to the pension fund and write a statement.Under the current legislation, it should be done before the first of October this year, in this case the first of January you will get an increase in their pension.If you receive a disability, for example, in December,
then to abandon the social package in the next year you will not have time, and the application will write closer to October.Sometimes, however, the local authorities are taking further decisions, so will still need to apply to the city branch of the pension fund.
application for waiver of preferential services must be submitted every year, and if you still want to receive them, just do not write the statement, and your rights are automatically restored.The only exceptions are persons with the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labor, and Officer of the Order of Glory.They need each year to provide a statement on how they want to receive free medicines, or public transportation, or a ticket to a sanatorium.
If you find it hard to go to the pension fund, and even sit in a long queue.You can send your application by mail, after assuring him of a notary.If, however, exempt a bedridden patient or do not leave the house, you can call the employee pension fund to the house and give up benefits.